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사용하다 vs 쓰다


펜을 사용하도 돼요?

펜을 써도 돼요?

Which one is more natural? And can someone give an example of when you can use the incorrect verb?

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    Both are natural, but "사용하다" would sound a bit more formal than "쓰다".
    "펜을 사용해도 돼요?"
    = " 펜을 써도 돼요?"


    The same meaning.사용하다will be better.

    돈을 쓰다 right
    돈을 사용하다 wrong

    How r u doing brother.
    I'm gonna give you a answer in my opinion.
    The verb, '사용하다' is similar to the meaning mixing 'spend sth so that make better' in english.
    And the other, '쓰다' has kind of mean 'just use'.
    I hope you will get whatever you want

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