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Simple lesson on "can" in Korean?

I was wondering if someone could possible give a small lesson on "can" in korean. Like saying I can, you can, we can. Things like that

Thank you! All answers are welcome!!^^

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    Can: -할(-ㄹ) 수 있다

    I can: 나는 할 수 있다
    You can: 너는 할 수 있다
    We can: 우리는 할 수 있다

    However, when a verb is added, "할" should be changed to the verb.

    For example,
    I can run: 나는 달릴 수 있다 // run: 달리다
    I can study: 나는 공부할 수 있다 // study: 공부하다
    I can drink: 나는 마실 수 있다 // drink: 마시다
    I can say: 나는 말할 수 있다 // say: 말하다
    I can sleep: 나는 잘 수 있다 // sleep: 자다

    So basically, "수 있다" is fixed, but "할" is changable depending on the verb.
    As you can see, just subtract "다" which is at the end of the verb and add "ㄹ".

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