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Significado de "abrirse"

I have heard this verb a few times and it still confuses me to this day. I have always considered "abrir" to mean "open", like a book. "I am an open book" means that I am available and sincere to answer any questions you have, without hiding anything.

However, I once heard a Colombian say "yo me abro" and I thought he meant that he was opening up to anything. I thought it had the opposite meaning, because apparently it means something more like "yo me cierro," or I am cutting myself off.

Is this phrase common in all varieties of Spanish, or is it particular to Colombia, or even more regional than that? It is incredibly weird to me that it has this meaning. Thanks!

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    abrirse in this context in colombia means to go, so "yo me abro" means "i have to go", and yes, as far as i know it's used only here


    En España también utilizamos "abrirse" con el significado de marcharse, pero solo en una conversación muy informal. "Bueno chicos, yo me abro"

    In México. In the city where I live or at least between the group of people I talk to we do not use "yo me abro" or something like that.

    I have heard that sometimes some people say to other "Abrete" when they are in a conversation circle talking and someone new wants to participate. So you need to "abrirte" to make free space for the new person in the circle.

    Besides that, I haven't used it in other different way than "open"

    En Argentina se utiliza la frase informal "yo me abro" como para desligarse de una situación o compromiso que se tenía. Por ejemplo.

    Yo no quiero tener que ver con esa pelea, yo me abro!!
    I do not want to be involved in that argument, yo me abro!!

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