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apakah perbedaan antara "tere, tera, and teri" dan "mera, mere, and meri"

For learning: Urdu
Base language: Indonesian
Category: Culture


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    tera/mera = singular masculine
    teri/meri = singular + plural feminine
    terey/merey = plural masculine

    tera/teri/teray = your/yours
    mera/meri/merey = my/mine

    the usage differs depending on the subject you use after.
    Ex : (Merey) log bahut (achey) hain. ( Plural)
    My people are very good,nice.

    Ex: Meri bivi ka naam Asia hai. ( singular fem.)
    My wife's name is Asia.

    I hope got that right :)
    Otherwise, indeed a native speaker will correct it for both of us :)

    Happy Learning! ;)

    Sorry, I can't understand your question and question language.
    But what i got is.
    tere, teri, (Yours(female)).
    tera, (Yours(male)).

    mere, meri, (mine(female)).
    mera, (mine(male)).

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