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秀才识字识半边大概是什么意思?就是说聪明的人经常学一半然后挺着吗? 这里的朋友们可不可以给我简单的解释一下?

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    in old china, we just learn how to write, no maths, no physics.....
    every three or five years, the emperor will decide to set a series of exams.
    these exams have some levels.
    if u win the first level, which is easiest, u will be called 秀才, and 秀才 have the right to pass the next level exam.
    some people can just get this level, they cant continue because they dont study well.

    in this phrase, 秀才 means those people who study badly.

    and if u know about chinese, u will find some characters like this: 永 泳 咏 半 伴 etc
    u see, if u know the first character, such as 用 or 半, u will know how to pronunce the others. because they are all "yong" and "ban"
    there are lots of characters like this


    there are also some characters like this: 官 菅 典 腆 etc
    their prounciation are not the same.官(guan) 菅(jian) 典(dian) 腆(tian)
    but if a person who dont know well about the chinese, generally they will proununce the same.
    so 秀才识字识半边 means a person who dont know something well-----秀才 just know a part of a character(半边)
    there is a 成语:一知半解
    一知半解 = 秀才识字识半边

    半边:a half

    i ll give u an example, ur dad is talking about the chinese food, and ur dad is an expert, he research the chinese food (:D, just an example), and one day, ur dad is talking about the chinese food to someone, and u just jump out and say: "oh, i know the chinese food, they are........." (in fact u just know that chinese people eat rice, that's all), now ur dad can say: 你真是 秀才识字识半边,不要对自己 一知半解 的东西随便发表评论, OK?

    This is a derogatory term commonly used in describing a person neither learning nor skill(不学无术).


    it's a sarcastically or ironically way to describe some one who is not learning characters properly or know things completely.


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