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writingㅐinstead ofㅔ?

Can I use those letters interchangeably? would the change the meaning of some words if I write one them them instead of the other one?

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    there are few words change "ㅐ",'ㅔ' meaning change. it is just incorrect grammer. it is hard to distinguish prononciation even if native korean. so unless it's formal place, you can wrong.

    In case of spoken Korean (oral. In conversation, etc.), as kim.hyunsoo mentioned, the difference in pronunciation is subtle. But, They are absolutely noninterchangeable in written Korean.

    For example 게 and 개 have different meaning, 게 means crab while 개 means dog.
    Another example is 내 여자 (my woman) and 네 여자 (your woman).

    FYI, in this case since since 내 and 네 sounds so similar, Korean users say 네 as 니. Therefore pronounced as 니 여자 in spoken Korean but still written as 네 여자.
    In the case of 게 and 개 when talking -even it's a native Korean who's talking- people usually ask whether we mean it as dog or crab.

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