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what does “So my arse is covered"mean?

“Oh, cheers. Cheers. Yeah. Well, I got the driver to drop me off and I went to visit my friend, who has since given the police a full statement to that effect, as Uncle Tony might say. Then I wandered around a bit, and there’s camera footage in that station to prove that, and then about, I dunno…threeish? Fourish?”
“Half past four,” said Ciara.
“Yeah, I went to crash at Ciara’s.”
Duffield sucked on the cigarette, watching the tip burn, then, exhaling, said cheerfully:
“So my arse is covered, is it not?”
Strike did not find his satisfaction likeable.

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    This is mean, that somebody has facts or circumstances which protect her or him from punishment.

    It means that he has done something in order to have plausible deniability in case something goes wrong. Basically, he has an alibi!

    It means you won't get the blame.

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