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I still don't get it . what does it mean in this context?

“Oh, cheers. Cheers. Yeah. Well, I got the driver to drop me off and I went to visit my friend, who has since given the police a full statement to that effect, as Uncle Tony might say. Then I wandered around a bit, and there’s camera footage in that station to prove that, and then about, I dunno…threeish? Fourish?”
“Half past four,” said Ciara.
“Yeah, I went to crash at Ciara’s.”
Duffield sucked on the cigarette, watching the tip burn, then, exhaling, said cheerfully:
“So my arse is covered, is it not?”
Strike did not find his satisfaction likeable.]

what does "so my arse is covered" mean? according to Bruce, does it mean "so, I am going to hurt myself, isn't it?"
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    It does not imply that he is going to get hurt. Quite the opposite - to "cover your arse" (or "to cover your ass") means to make sure you don't get blamed and punished for something.

    Think about it this way: in old times (and in many places today), if you get caught doing something bad, you end up having to expose your arse to get a spanking or caning. So to cover your arse is to avoid such a situation. We still use the term even if there is no physical pain or punishment involved.

    This expression is usually used in one of two situations:
    1. A person is guilty and works to make sure nothing points to him as the suspect. (This is what I think is happening in the passage above.)
    2. A person is innocent, but the people investigating may falsely accuse him, so he collects as much evidence as possible to prove he is innocent.

    In this sense it has nothing to do with being physically hurt.

    It seems that there is evidence to show that Duffield couldn't have committed the crime. He therefore cannot be blamed for it. If you cover your arse it means you cannot be blamed.

    It has a negative connotation in that if you cover your arse at work you might not care what happens to your colleagues.

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