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what is the “ Smash and Grab Video Parlour”?

Then suddenly the judge's open mouth clamped shut and a smile crossed his lips. "Amazing!" he cried, looking at Freddie and thinking how his teenage son and daughter looked when they went to the Smash and Grab Video Parlour on Friday nights. "A punk dog! Brilliant! Whoever would have thought of it! I'm going to award Freddington not only Best in Breed and Best in Show but Best New Look Dog of the Show!"

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    In this context, a "parlor" (British: "parlour") is a store (shop). Examples: beauty parlor; ice-cream parlor. In your post, a certain shop is named "Smash and Grab Video Parlour". It is a shop where you can rent videos.

    "smash-and-grab" is an idiom to describe a certain type of robbery when the thief breaks (smashes) a shop window, and then grabs merchandise. Example: "Last night there was a smash-and-grab robbery on Main Street. However, in your post "Smash and Grab" is just part of the shop's name.

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