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El rey dijo que allí estaba un joven encerrado en la puerta. La misma suerte le esperaba si no podía encontrarla dentro de tres días. Él se decidió a buscarla pero tampoco la halló y le encerraron.

Yo se "The king said that there was a 'young lock' on the door. The same luck is expected for you if you cannot find her within three days. He decided to look for her but neither locked and found her"

por favor me explique, "estaba un joven ecerrado" y "tampoco la halló y le encerraron."

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    The king said, there was a young man who is locked in (within) the door. You will suffer the same fate if you failed to find it ( I think refers to the door because encotrarla la puerta?and not encontrarlo el joven ) within 3 days. He decided to look for it but also couldn't find it, so they imprisonated him.
    halló Is past of hallar, which means to be found.
    Encerrado is to be locked up not the lock itself

    I hope it helps :)

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