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When is it polite to ask: 그 사람은 어떤 사람이에요?

I'm curious to know if this is an appropriate question to ask as a follow-up to 형제가 어떻게 되세요?
Is it applicable to both male and female siblings?
Also, what kind of information would the other person offer in response?

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    If you want to know the number of siblings, you can ask ' 형제가 몇명 이에요?/ 형제가 어떻게 되세요?'
    Replying to this queation is complicate depending on your gender. Let's imagine I have one older brother, one older sister, one younger brother, one younger sister.
    If you are male, you can say 저는 형(님) 한 명, 누나 한 명, 남동생 한 명, 여동생 한 명 있습니다.
    If you are female, you say 저는 오빠 한 명, 언니 한 명, 남동생 한 명, 여동생 한 명 있습니다.

    You can ask 형/ 누나/ 오빠/ 언니/ 남동생/ 여동생은 어떤 분이세요?

    형제 = brothers
    남매 = brothers and sisters
    자매 = sisteres.

    Although you ask '형제' to boys, they would reply all their siblings, sisters and brothers.
    But, you should ask '형제' to only boys. Of course, you can ask '남매' too.
    If you want to ask it to girls, you should use the word "자매' or '남매".

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