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When writing/saying in Italian the sentence "I hope life is good for you"

I wrote" Spero che tutto va bene nella tua vita"
I was corrected by a native Italian speaker who said this was wrong
I should have written
Spero che tutto vada bene nella tua vita
I do not understand this, since
"life is good" is present tense so I used "va"
Life was good would be past tense
Life will be good would be future tense
What tense of the verb ANDARE is VADA

Grazie Mille Ronnie

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    I verbi che esprimono speranza, desiderio, dubbio vogliono il modo congiuntivo
    nella frase secondaria.


    /vada/ is modo congiuntivo, tempo presente, terza persona singolare.
    (voce del verbo /andare/)

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