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When in it best to use "Dove il gabinetto" o il bagno

I have been to Italy many many times
To all regions Sicily, Puglia, Sardinia,Ischia, Lake Garda and many more !!
In some parts ...quando ho domandato
"Dove è il gabinetto per favore" ......I have been told "adesso in Italia, non si usa quella parola, è una parola cruda !!
Quindi, la prossima volta dentro un ristorante in un paese differente
ho detto "Dove il bagno per risposta era "il gabinetto è in fondo le scale"

What word is best to use please,
in merito che what we call in English "the toilet bowl (ceramica) si chiama in italiano
"La tazza del gabinetto"

Grazie tante Ronnie

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    Hi Ronnie,
    the answer of Manu is correct, we prefer "dov'è il bagno?"

    "Gabinetto" is a word that we don't like so much, but is correct. Sometimes the feelling about a word change in time and place.
    Be careful, "gabinetto" also means: cabinet, office, council.

    The rude word for toilet is "cesso", but it's considered rude just in the present, in the past was used also in official documents. As I wrote, words change in time.
    Be careful with this word too. "cesso" is the past participle of "cedere" and the 1° person of "cessare"

    Hi Ronnie!

    It's more elegant if you ask "Dov'è il bagno, perfavore?", because gabinetto is nowadays considered a rude word, despite someone is still using it!


    I agree with manu.
    You can also ask for " la toilette " pronunced in French, or for " i servizi ".
    Italy is a big country. Don'worry if you meet many differenti people with different customs.

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