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If a Chinese person tells you 你的中文不錯, that means its just ok, just average, but not amazing?

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    My teachers told me that when they say, "Hey, your Chinese isn't bad!" That means it's good/really good. It's a compliment- not really the same as when we say it in English where it can mean that it's sub par.

    And when they say it's really not bad, that just means it's fantastic.

    Different people have different way to say this,In general,if they say this ,they mean your Chinese is good,but not very very good.


    bucuo means good. It is not very good, but it is good!

    in fact it means you language level is so low than you need a compliment as an encouragement

    Yes, it does, but a little bit above average :-)

    你的中文真是太棒了 > 你的中文 (真的) 很棒 > 你的中文很好 > 你的中文 (還) 不錯 > 你的中文還可以 = 你的中文還好 = 你的中文普 (普通) 通 = 你的中文還行 = average > 你的中文不太好 > 你的中文有點糟糕 > 你的中文很糟糕 > 你的中文太糟糕了 = 你的中文糟透了 = 你的中文爛透了 = 你的中文爛到爆 = .... (以下從略 LOL)

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