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When beginning an email or letter in Italian with "Good Morning " which is correct

Which is correct.........buongiorno or Buongiorno
I have been corrected by a native Italian speaker that it is wrong to write it with capital "B" (la lettera maiuscola "B"
However in English, you ALWAYS begin a letter or email greeting with a capital letter
per esempio Hello ....Good Morning,,,,,Good Evening...

Tanti Auguri Ronnie

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    That's really strange... we (italian) always use capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, and of course at the beginning of a letter, after a full stop, question or exclamation mark.
    We use capital letters for names of people or countries and cities, but not for adjective or other type of names.

    Buongiorno caro Ronnie -> OK
    Caro Ronnie, Buongiorno -> NO
    Caro Ronnie, buongiorno -> OK

    Tanti Auguri Ronnie -> NO
    Tanti auguri Ronnie -> OK

    Try to ask to that native italian speaker why he/she told you that. Maybe there's some other reason.

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