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我不懂怎么使用 都 在文章!

我有两个提问!1,都这几天你都干什么来着? 为什么必要 ”都”?2,下起雨来,回不去了。 这个文章为什么(下雨 起来)=下起雨来??如果可能,日本語で解説 or answer in English plz.   m(>_<)m

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    第一个问题:都 这个字强调的是几天 相当于英语中的复数一样 不过 你也可以说 这几天你在干嘛 但没有 这几天你都在干嘛的强调性强
    第二个问题:下雨起来 首先是个病句 是错误的语法 下起雨来 这句话中的来 相当后缀一样 你就死记硬背吧 下起....来 或者 下.....了 省略号处 可以填 雨雪 反正这两句话都是同一个意思

    1、The first "都" is redundant and I don't think it will be used in any normal expressions.The second "都" in this sentence suggests that instead of mentioning one or two aspects only,you'd better report your activities with all the details during this period.What's more,it also emphasized the statement.However,I'm not sure if it's necessary.
    2、Plz note that "下雨 起来" is not same as "下起雨来" cuz the former expression simply means "raining"+"get up",and it is less common to put them together.Another expression "下起雨来" is correct,just like saying "it's rainning now"(下雨了).

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