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About a song by The Killers

I don´t understand what does it mean this part of the song "Mr. Brightside"

turning saints into the sea
turning through sick lullaby
joking on your alibi

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    First, let me clarify the lyrics a little. I believe the actual lyrics are:
    Jealousy, turning saints into the sea
    Swimming through sick lullabies
    Choking on your alibis...

    With this, the lyrics seem to make a little more sense. Here, you can see them as an analogy about how jealousy can feel like you're drowning. The line "Jealousy, turning saints into the sea" could indicate jealousy makes even saints (so really good people) feel like they are tossed into an ocean (meaning they feel lost and out of control). Another view is that the "saint" could actually be the other person and now the jealous person feels like the saint is actually being turned into a sea that the jealous person has to fight against to keep alive.

    "Swimming through sick lullabies" then could mean that the jealous person (out in the "sea" of jealousy) feels like they are fighting (swimming, to keep with the analogy) against the nice things the other person is telling them (lullabies). Since lullabies are generally sung to young children to help them go to sleep, these would be nice things the other person is saying to try to make the jealous person not worry ("Everything is alright. There are no problems. You don't need to be jealous."). These are considered "sick" lullabies because they are lies and are mean (so here sick would mean that they are cruel, not sick meaning they have an illness).

    If the analogy continues about a jealous person drowning, the line "Choking on your alibis" would mean that the person feels like the alibis (lies about where they have been or what they are doing) from the other person can't be believed and are also making the jealous person feel more like they are drowning. Here they'd be choking on alibis rather than choking on water if they were actually drowning.

    All that being said, The Killers are known for not saying much about the meaning behind songs and lyrics, so this is just what I think. But no matter what meaning you get from it, it's a great song :)

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