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하다 보면


Am I right in thinking this means "you're doing something and then, on reflection, you realise that..."?

Can anyone give me some basic example sentences?


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    You are right.
    '하다보면' means 'keep doing something, it will/must be *** someday'

    (Mother told her son) 열심히 공부하다보면 성적이 좋아질거야.
    Keep studying hard, and you will get A grade.

    Storytelling provides an easy path into any complex issue.
    이야기를 하다 보면 복잡한 문제를 쉽게 풀어갈 수 있는 길이 생기기 마련이다.

    And just stay with it and you will find your time.
    그리고 그냥 계속 그렇게 하다 보면 자신의 때가 올 겁니다.

    We might find problems one by one as we work on it.
    일을 하다 보면 문제점들이 하나씩 드러날 겁니다

    Keep listening and repeating, and your pronunciation will improve.
    자꾸 듣고 따라 하다 보면 발음이 좋아질 것이다

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