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壁球 - Does this mean both squash and racquetball?

I've noticed that 壁球 is listed as both 'squash' and 'racquetball' in the dictionary. I've also noticed that both of them translate as 壁球 back into Chinese.

So does 壁球 really mean both squash and racquetball? I've had a look on some online dictionaries, and racquetball doesn't appear in some of them. Based on this and that racquetball isn't nearly as popular, I think it's probably fair to say that when Chinese people hear 壁球, they think of squash. I don't think either sport is very big in China though, so I'm not sure.

I just want to confirm that when I'm talking about squash that I won't be misunderstood if I say "壁球". Or if really want to specify squash, should I use a more specific word?

Thanks in advance.

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    壁球 means squash. I used to play 壁球. I have never heard of racquetball. According to Wiki, it's called "短柄墙球“ in Chinese, which I don't know anything about.

    In spite of this, 壁球 is not so popular as tennis in China.


    It's really a professional question for us, becuse both of them is not very popular in china. Unexpectedly I found a thesis about that. Someone actually wrote a thesis about that!


    Use "racquetball" is better.

    "squash"have another means in chinese, is "南瓜"(nan2gua1).

    lame dictionary

    squash==壁球,people can understand you when you say 壁球.Squash is not very popular in mainland China,but it is more popular in HK.

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