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Learning Korean

Hi guys,

Since I joined italki, I guess it is the time to make some questions to my friends to get to know each other and this is also my one of curiosities.

What was the motivation that make you to start to learn korean, to live in Korea and to teach English in Korea?
If the reason why is too much personal issues, it is ok. But I really like to hear why you are loving Korean.



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    The answer is that learning another language was a lifelong goal of mine. Originally I started to learn Japanese, but I was defeated by the Chinese writing system. The reason then that I chose Korean, was because I became friends with a Korean person.

    This re-sparked my interest in other languages.

    My reason is similar in that I had always wanted to learn a foreign language. I had started with Japanese as well and got bested by Kanji (I even learned a few songs in Japanese). YouTube actually caused my interest in Korean, it recommended a Korean video (can't remember what it was about). I then started watching Korean variety shows. I thought it would be great to learn Korean to watch the shows in Korean and maybe travel there one day.

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