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gitseydim ve gittiysem arasında ne fark var?

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    gitseydim = if i had gone (i didnt go there in the past but if i had gone, i would have done something)
    oraya gitseydim, bu felaket gerceklesmezdi = if i had gone there, this catastrophe wouldnt have happened

    gittiysem = i went there and i did it for a reason
    oraya gittiysem, seni sevdigim icindir = if i went there, it's because i love you (i did so because...)

    now comes a stupid example :) imagine you have two friends named ayse and fatma, who invited you. you like fatma more but ayse is a nice cook and she makes a cake which you adore.

    dun fatmaya gitmeyi planliyordum. sonradan ogrendim ki, ayse kek yapmis ve beni evine davet etti. aslinda ayseyi cok sevmem. onun evine gittiysem, kekinden yemek istedigim icindir. eger fatmaya gitseydim, kek yiyemezdim.

    yesterday i was planning to go to fatma. later i learned that ayse baked a cake and she also invited me to her house. actually i dont like ayse a lot. if i had gone to her, it's because i wanted to eat her cake. if i had gone to fatma, i wouldnt have been able to eat cake.

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