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What is the difference between do the laundry and do the washing-up?


I think that doing the laundry and doing the washing-up means the same (it means cleaning the clothes) and doing the washing up means cleaning the plates. Is this true?

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    Yes, doing the laundry means washing the clothes and doing the washing-up meaning washing the dishes. In the US we tend to say "doing the dishes" instead of "doing the washing-up".


    "The washing" is a noun that refers to the clothes that need to be, or just were, washed.
    "Do the washing" and "do the laundry“ are the same (ie. cleaning clothes).

    "Wash up" is a phrasal verb that refers to cleaning the dishes. I guess you could say "doing the washing up", but I think "washing up" is better.


    "Doing the laundry" means "doing the washing".

    "Doing the dishes" means "doing the washing-up".

    One little word changes the sentence entirely. ;)

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