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1. And while more than 60 percent of respondents who participated in a recent NSA member survey reported earning from $2000 to $5000 for a major ENGAGEMENT, it costs a great deal more to BAG A BIG NAME, even for only a short while.
Question: What's the meaning of "engagement" here? Does it mean an "arrangement"?
What's the meaning of "bag a big name" here?

2. What's the meaning of "sniper manhunt"?

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    The word "engagement" has several different definitions or uses, such as "appointment, arrangement, agreement or employment. I believe, in this context because money is involved, it means "employment". This includes making an agreement or contract to provide a service or do work.

    "bag a big name" means to make a contract with someone who is popular or well-known who will provide a service or do work. The "bag" part of this expression is similar to hunting for a small animal, catching the animal ad placing it in a bag. Once the animal has been caught and bagged your work is done and the final result is a success, i.e., the animal now belongs to you. When you bag a big name, you have successfully made a contract with someone important.

    Hope this helps...

    Without more context, it's difficult to say, but I suspect an engagement is a job. Bagging a big name would meaning hiring someone famous. A sniper is a sharpshooter, someone who shoots very precisely. A manhunt is an intensive search for someone, usually by the police or the military. A sniper manhunt is probably a search for a sniper. Again, more context would be helpful.

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