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precise meaning of 배짱

Does it mean "guts - courage" ? Or, rather "chutzpah - nerve"?

Please quote a few usage scenarios for this word.

Chutzpah is usually viewed negatively whereas guts is not. What about 배짱? Is it used in general to be a positive or a negative quality?

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    I think "guts - courage" is right.
    It is positive word to say that someone have enough courage to do something adventurous.

    As you know Koreans counts age.
    so when a young boy disorder or talk rude to an old man.
    They can say like below aggressively (negative)
    Otherwise if a young boy say something very right to old man or authorities.
    Also they can say (positive)

    그놈 배짱이 좋구나!
    you have good guts.
    그놈 배짱 한번 두둑하네.
    you have lots of courage.

    Something lightly rude thing happen to you, but you just keep calm. Then the one who sees you and ask "why don't you say something about that?"
    then you can say like this

    그럴 배짱이 저는 없네요.
    I have not enough courage to say.

    If someone do skydiving. we can say.
    와 너는 배짱이 대단하다!

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