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Whats the difference of the next expression??

could you help me giving me the difference between this words? I read that all of them means "necessary to":
ضروري ل
لازِم ل

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    actually i think there are no big differences between them:

    you can use "لابد" when you want to say "you have to", for example: لابد لك أن تقلع عن التدخين - you have to quit smoking. or: لابد لي أن أتعلم اللغة العربية - I have to learn Arabic language.

    "ضروري" means literary: "necessary", so if you want to say : it's necessary for you; it would be - إنه ضروري لك.
    also you can say: من الضروري أن أتعلم اللغة الإنجليزية : it's necessary to learn English.
    or: أنا لا أرى هذا الأمر ضرورياً - i don't see this thing necessary.

    لازم is just like ضروري : for example : أجد أنه من اللازم إطلاعك على ما جرى : i find it is necessary to inform you of what happened.

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