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Mehndi : Fashion and Styles ?

Hi Guys ! I'm doing some research on Mehndi !

I see on Internet some "latest mehndi patterns for 2013", is there some kind of fashion in the mehndi word that you have to get a close eye on to or else people will look down on you for having a so unfashionable mehndi design from 2011 ?
If so, can somebody tell me the trend of this year ?

Can you guy tell me about mehndi styles ? I guess Wedding Mehndi might have its own particularities, but I don't know what exactly (well, I'm guessing intricate, maybe lovers, and lover's name). I came across the word "Rajastani Mehndi" but same thing, I don't know it's specificities. Can you tell me more ? What are they other styles you know ?

Thank you everyone

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    Mehndi is a very traditional art. In Rajasthan it is part of daily life. Women apply mehndi on all festivals, fasting days, celebrations etc and there are traditional patterns which are used. Each event has a pattern associated with it. These patterns reflect day-to-day things like sweets (Rasgulla, ghewar) , religious symbols (swastika), birds (parrot, peacock), games (Chopad).

    Mehndi is one of the 16 "Shringar" of a married woman. It also has medicinal property. It has a cooling effect during Summers when applied to palms & feet.

    Many folk songs exist on Mehndi.

    Hi! I have searched some sites for you please have a look on that. May be you will find appropriate answer.

    Thank you

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