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Umusad : to creep; umuusad: reptile; archaic words?

Upang gumaling nang mabilis sa Tagalog, nagsimula akong basahin ang Bibliya (sa Tagalog).

For the rest, I'm just going to express it in English for the sake of being understood (better).

There is this verse:

26 At sinabi ng Dios, Lalangin natin ang tao sa ating larawan, ayon sa ating wangis: at magkaroon sila ng kapangyarihan sa mga isda sa dagat, at sa mga ibon sa himpapawid, at sa mga hayop, at sa buong lupa, at sa bawa't umuusad, na nagsisiusad sa ibabaw ng lupa.

I tried to find the word "usad" in a dictionary, and the entry is not related to reptiles, or "to creep". By comparing it with an English version however, those words, "umusad" and "umuusad" seems to a the respective meaning of "to creep" and "reptile".

Are these words archaic? What words should replace them now, if so?

Salamat nang maaga.

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    Usad = to move briefly forward along the ground.

    Not entirely archaic because it is still being used in certain occasions - mostly by news reporters to recount EXACTLY how fast or which manner one thing moves. Often associated to describe traffic jams or to personify slow justice system - two things that the Philippines is notorious of. I'm not so sure with other conservative Tagalog regions especially Batangas but in Manila, "gapang (crawl)" is more frequently-used - hence sa bawa't gumagapang, na nagsisigapang sa ibabaw ng lupa.

    Hope I helped you. ;)

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