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In Italian...what do you call a tea towel ?

Trying to be clear on what to call a tea towel in Italian
In English a tea towel is a much smaller towel used in the kitchen to wipe dry the dishes after washing up

I have a basic Italian learning book called
"The first 1000 English words to teach a child in Italian"
It gives the Italian words as such :
normal Towel........asciugamano
Tea Towel......asciugatoio
HoweverI cannot find this word in my Collins Italian dictionary, and not even in ANY of the internet online
Is this a correct word to use, and is it generally used throughout Italy ?

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    /asciugatoio/ a Roma non si usa.
    Usiamo il termine 'canovaccio', che e` un termine italiano, e ha anche un secondo
    significato completamente distinto, che significa: trama approssimativa di teatro sulla quale costruire una storia completa.

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