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Another query ? is it...... piattino or sottotazza

Many years ago when I studied Italian, I was taught that in Italian
However now I cannot find that word in my Italian dictionaries, or any internet online dictionaries
Instead they quote :
a SAUCER = un piattino
This I find confusing because a small plate in Italian is ALSO a piattino
However a small plate is a different thing to a saucer, which normally has a recess to hold the rim
of a cup to prevent it sliding sideways
Please, what is the definitive word for a SAUCER

Auguri Ronnie

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    Puoi usare /piattino/, che e` quello che usiamo, senza fare alcuna distinzione.
    In genere 'sottotazza' non viene usato (come parola).

    Hi Ronnie!
    I couldn't find "sottotazza" in a dictionary either. However I checked in the website of Alessi, which is a brand producing kitchen accessories and they use "sottotazza" to designate a saucer ( ) and "piattino" to refer to a regular small plate ( )... however I would probably use the two of them interchangeably in a conversation...

    Hope this helped out!!

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