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"as much as"를 한국말로 어떻게 말해요?

전 누군가 믿은 절대 당신을 믿어요.

말래 / I want to say:
"I have never believed in someone as much as I believe in you."

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    as much as : --하는 것 만큼
    In your situation, it will be more Korean if you say "난 다른 사람을 잘 안 믿는데, 넌 믿어(showing respect, 전 다른 사람을 잘 안 믿는데요, 당신은 믿어요)." which means 'Usually I don't believe in others, but I believe in you." or "내가 가장 믿는 사람은 너야(제가 가장 믿는 사람은 당신입니다)." meaning "You are the one I believe in the most."
    I think it might sound awkward if you translate the English sentence directly into Korean.
    And if you want to show more respect, 당신 is not a good word so switch it into a word which refers to the listener, for example, their names.
    Please somebody answer better than I did.

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