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What the meaning of "لأنني " ?

Coul you tell me the meaning of "لأنني " ?
The sentence is below.

~ أنا عطشان لأنني لعبت

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    Because I am. The lam here ل means because
    أننى meaning I

    أنا عطشان لأننى لعبت
    I am thirsty because I played.
    عطشان thirsty
    لعبت played

    Because am :D

    لأن = because of

    ني = me [ it's like أنا ]

    أنا عطشان = i am thirsty

    لعبت = played [ past form ]

    why i am thirsty ? because i played [ football for example ]

    لماذا أنا عطشان ؟ لأنني لعبت كرة القدم

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