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cómo traduzo " el único que hace maravillas" al hebreo?

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realmente lo que necesito es saber cómo pronunciar las palabras o cómo se dicen en hebreo

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how do I pronounce the following phrase in hebrew: "the only who makes wonders"

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    Elohim hoo hayachid sheyachol la'asot pla'im - אלוהים הוא היחיד שיכול לעשות פלאים

    another option: Only god can...
    Rak Elohim yachol la'asot pla'im - רק אלוהים יכול לעשות פלאים

    in that context, i'd replace Pele/Pla'im (marvel, wonder) with Ness/Nissim (miracle, something supernatural).


    Ani rak yodat kzat ivrit , yo solo se un poco de hebreo.
    So from my limited knowledge I will take a wild guess! lol!
    Israelis, please correct me! Yallah!

    "Ha yachid ose pelot" The one who makes wonders. pela = wonder so that's my guess lol!


    I don't know Spanish so maybe I'm a bit off.
    In English, I think it miracles would be better maybe like the former person said and so it would be;
    היחיד שעושה ניסים
    Hayahid sheose nisim
    If you still mean wonders then it's: hayahid sheose plaot
    היחיד שעושה פלאות

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