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How to express ´ainda não´ correctly?

Which tense should I use to express ´haven´t done´ ´haven´t been done´ ´haven´t been doing´?
Este contrato ainda não está assinado.
Eu ainda não recebi a sua resposta.

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    I think we don't have past perfect (haven't done or haven't been done) in Portuguese.
    When we use 'yet' (ainda), we normally use the verb in simple past tense.
    Este contrato ainda não foi assinado.
    Eu ainda não recebi a sua resposta.

    These would be the natural way to translate the phrases: This contract has not been signed yet. I haven't received his reply yet.

    You could say 'Este contrato ainda não está assinado' but in this case it sounds like you are showing the contract to someone and show the state of its situation. So it would be more like 'This contract is not signed yet'.

    However, if I am not using 'yet', but 'since' or 'this is the first time that', I would use the present tense for 'have been' instead of past tense. For instance, I would say 'I have studied English since I was a child' : Eu estudo inglês desde que eu era criança. Or 'this is the first time that I have been to London', "Esta é a primeira vez que eu venho a Londres.''.

    I hope it helps.

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