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Typing in Arabic

How do I type in Arabic? I do not have the keyboard.

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    If you are using WIndows, you can set the language bar for Arabic. You also can buy Arabic letter stickers for your keyboard.

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    You can use this:
    Also, there are programs that enable you to install Arabic keyboard.

    If you use Windows:
    1. Click on Windows icon bottom left of screen.
    2. Click on Control Panel
    3. Click on Clock, Language, and Region(or Region and Language)
    4. If you clicked on Clock, Language, and Region then click on Region and Language next
    4. Click on the Keyboards and Languages tab
    5. Click on Change Keyboards
    6. Click on Add. . .
    7. Scroll to any of the Arabic items.
    8. Click on the + to display types of keyboards.
    9. Check Arabic (101)
    10. Click OK.

    هل لديك سكايب

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