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The difference between "kommer att.." and "ska..."

I'd like to talk about my future plans. Could you tell me what's the difference between "kommer att" and "ska...", please? I don't know when I should use "kommer att" and when "ska.." :-(

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    As a rule of thumb, you can think of "ska" as "will" in English, and "kommer att" as "going to".

    Hej, You use "ska" when you are really positive that something will happen (Jag ska läsa boken)
    You use "kommer att" when you can’t be sure that it is going to happen. You make prediction (Det kommer att regna imorgon)

    Hej Ada!
    My teachers from sfi told me that ska is used for the near future usually and we can think of ska as will in English just like shizenai wrote above. In Swedish, it is also possible to use present form of the verbs to talk about the future. This link can give you great info about your question and also many other subjects about Swedish Language.

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