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Which Arabic dialect do you think is closest to Modern Standard Arabic?

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    Syrian and Iraqi dialects are definitely the closest to MSA. Iraqi dialect is probably the one that respect MSA's grammar rules the best, due to the fact that the most influential grammar schools (Basra and Kufa) were based in Iraq.

    there is some Tribes in ٍSaudi ِِArabia still talking in the standard Arabic but the old one , but for the modern standard Arabic we can say the Syrian is the closest and some areas in Iraq too

    Even if there are some dialects that are close to MSA , they remain dialect after all .

    Maybe Syrian is the number one close to MSA , anyway from east to west arabic world . For example me as an Algerian i can understand syrian very well , but our dialects of maghreb especially ( Morocco , Algeria ) are very hard for middle eastern countries . Even in ONE country you will find a diffrent bunch of dialects , it's like formal english and slang one .

    At first I Arabin ... I think that the Arabs speak with one vernacular language .....


    it's a hard question to answer for sure. No one is sure about the accent closed to MSA. Therefore, we are sure that no accent can be compared with MSA.

    I heard that to find out where people from, you don't ask where they are from, you ask them which dialect they think is closest to MSA. Ha ha.

    My teacher says the bedouin in Iraq speak Classical Arabic.
    Saudi (white) dialect
    I just answered the question and pick Saudi dialect , but I want stress that every body will be proud that his/her dialect is the closest to MSA , so actually you will not find a one answer.
    every one will claim that his/her colloquial is the closest.
    to read more about
    this is useful debating link.

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