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で and に


whats the difference between で and に。大学に会計 を専攻します~大学で会計を専攻します.and whats the difference between this two sctences

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    Basically, で means "in" or "at" and に means "to". Of course, depending on the context, there are other cases.

    About your sentence, 大学で is correct.
    If you've already started your carreer in the university, it's a bit more natural to say 大学で会計を専攻しています。Because the dictionary form sometimes sounds like saying about the future.

    Other examples are:
    ともだちと公園に(or 公園へ) いきました --> I went to the park with my friend.
    ともだちとこうえんで会いました --> I met my friend in the park.

    I hope this was helpful.

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