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"-게끔" 이 문법이 뭔지 설명해 줄 수 있는 사람이 있으면 도와 주세요.

Is this similar to 게 하다? I searched online but I couldn't find an explanation. ㅜㅜ

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    I assume that you already know that Korean sentences have different word orders.

    "~게끔" means "a purpose" of the latter part of the sentence, usually.
    "끔" is just for emphasis here. In most cases, you can instead say "~게".

    "~게끔" can be translated into English in several ways, because in English, there are many similar expressions to say a purpose like "for ... ", "to ..", "in order to..", ".. so that ...", etc.

    For example,

    책꽂이의 저 책을 꺼낼 수 있게끔(or 있게, 있도록), 사다리를 빌려주세요.

    Please let me borrow your ladder so that I can reach the books on the book shelf and pull them out.

    늦지 않게끔, 서둘러라.
    = 늦지 않게, 서둘러라.
    = 늦지 않도록, 서둘러라.

    You'd better hurry up not to be late.

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