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Can someone from Argentina please translate these words for me? Porteño translation preferred!


the refrigerator
the freezer
the ice maker
the microwave oven
the toaster oven
the bread maker
the cake mixer
the food processor
the slow cooker
the dishwasher
the oven
the stove
the exhaust fan
the coffee maker
the clock radio
the countertop
the kitchen island
the sink
the soap dispenser
the hand soap
the sponge
the dish soap
the paper towel holder
the paper towel
the cabinets
the drawers
the cutting board
the pot
the pan
the frying pan
the knife
the fork
the spoon
the plate / dish
the bowl
the glass
the tea cup
the tea saucer
the coffee cup / mug
the table
the chair
the tablecloth
the place mat
the napkin holder
the napkin
the strainer / colander
the waste basket
the dish towel
the oven glove

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    These words are the same in any Spanish-speaking country. Or at least in Latin American.

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