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餐馆,饭馆, 饭店 what's the difference???

according to the dictionary they all have the same meaning, but i don't think so!

and, 餐馆,饭店,饭馆 alternate each other naming the same burger shot if to follow the sense of the text!!!! i am furious!

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    In fact ,they are all the same. 餐 and 饭 mean meals,the difference is 饭 also means a principal food, rice.
    店and 馆means a selling place,the use of 店 is more extensive.

    餐馆 = 饭馆
    饭店 is smaller


    餐馆and 饭馆are same, they are all small,and Self-employed.
    饭店is bigger ,may have the employee
    the biggest are call 酒店。like three-star hotel


    餐馆,饭馆 are similar, they are usually small.饭店 is usually big. But of course you could find lots of small restaurant called themselves 饭店。

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