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What do you read this? : The depravity of the victim was no condonement in the eyes of the law.

"Every time that I closed my eyes I saw before me the distorted baboon-like countenance of the murdered man. So sinister was the impression which that face had produced upon me that I found it difficult to feel anything but gratitude for him who had removed its owner from the world. If ever human features bespoke vice of the most malignant type, they were certainly those of Enoch J. Drebber, of Cleveland. Still I recognized that justice must be done, and that the depravity of the victim was no condonement in the eyes of the law." –Study of Scarlet–

Up to here, the victim was described as a mare innocent man. I suppose Watson's calumnious description of the victim was just made in order to emphasize how agonizing face the body produced. Then we face the sentence. Does "Depravity of the victim" mean literally depravity of the victim? "Condonement" is unmistakably the noun form of the verb "condone"?

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Sorry for the typo; mere innocent man.

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    It means that the fact the murdered man was depraved (wicked, sinful) gives no excuse to the murderer. I suspect that despite the victim being considered innocent to this point in the book you might find out he wasn't!

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