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Our my chinese acquaintance showed me this verse as example why is impossible to cancel characters.

Is it really have sense? (I mean this verse)






Maybe you know another example like this. Please, let's puplish it here!

Thank you!

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    It really makes sense. The full text, created by linguist Chao yuenren, was as going:


    Chao wrote this essay, in ancient Chinese, with which he was trying to manifest that Chinese has lots of homophone groups (he was giving one here), and most of Chinese characters, which are monosyllabic, can solely function as a word, therefore it is very difficult to tell them apart from each other only by the syllable, including tone.

    it is possible to cancel Chinese symbols and write using pin-yin with tones
    because this is how it works in oral speech

    it's just Chinese people like to make simple things complicated

    U can search 《季姬击鸡记》、《余与鱼》、《饥鸡集矶记》、《遗镒疑医》and so on.

    another essay by 杨富森:





    You don't have to understand that essay. That is helpless for your study. In our daily life, we don't use ancient Chinese at all.

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