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i heard about this, but i dont know if ome people think is ofendent: do the german lenguge is like, i dont want to know because was created by the bad people!! one of the girls of my sc

I dont know if some people or the person who dont like to learn lenguge but they have too like german, i can hear for ignornt people "i dont like german because is the lenguage for the bd people or they mean for the hitler ide or the problem to talk i dont know rellay well what that means", but i just hearded in long time ago i was like is just such a ignornt people they dont even know what it feels to learn the lenguage"", i LoVe german!! .................... but it does not mean that i can heart people with the bad guilt " you know what i mean? is like to know to go to the restroom, you have to wash your hands take a paper towel... close the handle..... ok thats what i mean ...difficult."

For learning: German
Base language: English
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    Your question is a bit confusing but I think that you are asking if the German language is a "bad" language to learn and if by learning this language will people consider this offensive? Kindly clarify your question.

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