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sleeping rooms for rent near train stations in china?

hey, i know about those places where chinese people would go have a nap or overnight if they arrive at the train station late or in the mid of the night. usually they are near the station, or even in the same building! some private ownership?

those places can't be called with the word hotel, maybe some sort of it, they look like shabby, dilapidated holes, with a standard old lady desk clerk reception, i have no idea what's inside, cos they don't let "laowai-s" in, it's kind of special "for chinese customers only", and it is VERY popular, with chinese people keeping comming and checking in all the time.

so, what are those places, what are they called in chinese? what is your experience (if you had one) and what do you think about it?

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    We call it motel Which is 宾馆 or 招待所 in chinese. I hope it can help.

    да нету таких мест "только для китайцев"... если знаешь язык то легко найдёшь место на ночь за 50 юшек... а если считаешь себя лаоваем -- то велком ту Home Inn и другие цивилизованные хостелы

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