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Need or want?

Sometimes in the conversation, when It's late, and it's time for bed.
I'm often confused which is more polite, " I need to sleep" or " I want to sleep"?

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    I would say that they're both as polite as each other. For your example, it would be more polite to say "I'm tired"; I think that's a pretty good rule.

    "I need/want to sleep" isn't impolite, though, it's just less formal. You might not say it to a police officer, but you'd probably say it to your boss.

    Hi Vanessa, I would say "need to sleep" is a little more polite. "I want" can seem a little self centered, whereas "I need" would be less so. you could preface with "I'm sorry" which will soften it a bit, then "but I really need to sleep".


    you just say "It's late, and it's time for bed." = "I should go to bed now".

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