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Questions about Chinese business culture ~ :)

1.Are there products which were marked "made in China"in your country's market?And what the percentage they occupy?
2.Have you ever used Chinese products? How about the cost performance?
3.Have you ever heard some self-owned brands of China just like Lenovo,Haire etc.?What do you think of the quality and price?

The questions are in connection with your life,hope you enjoy the topic and looking for your reply. :)

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    i can not wait to see the answers.come on.

    1 Yes, as for percentage -- no access to such data.
    2 Yes, especially when lived in China. Price relates to quality.
    3 Yes, Lenovo was Legend before, and Haire makes good A/C.

    All foreign companies have their representatives to control the quality.
    No trust in this very matter.


    I guess this is an assignment?

    Here's an easy way. Do a search for these keywords: "made in China" italki

    This has been a very common question on this website, and it sometimes borders on annoying. However, you weren't to know that this is a hackneyed and dull question. Good luck.

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