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salam, i need your help in translating the following:

اي كاش
سرجايش است
please i need some sentences with these words.

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    تقاظا --> the right form is " تقاضا " and here is a sample sentence:

    "مدیر بخش، تقاضای کارمندان را رد کرد"
    Department head rejected employees' request.

    اي كاش

    "ای کاش به جای باران، برف می بارید"
    Wish it snowed instead of raining.

    ارزوي --> آرزوی

    "برایتان آرزوی سلامتی و شادی دارم"
    I wish you health and happiness


    "مبحث ذکر شده، مبحثی جنجالی در این زمینه است"
    The mentioned topic is a controversial topic in this field.

    جيگری --> this word is a little tricky! If it's in informal language, it can take several meanings, some may be rude. But if it's not, it's the Persian term form for the reddish-brown color ( liver's color ) and the more decent writing form is "جگری" and there's usually the word "قرمز" before this => قرمز جگری

    "ماشین دوستم به رنگ قرمز جگری است"
    My friend's car's color is reddish-brown

    سرجايش است

    "فکر کردم همه چیز را به هم ریخته، ولی دیدم که همه چیز سر جایش است"
    I thought he had messed up everything but I saw that everything is on its place.

    Hope it helps :)

    جنجالي ترين اخبار

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