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Où or Quand ?

In the following sentence would you use quand or où?

They discussed the good times they all had together when they the children were small.

My attempt:
Ils discutèrent des bons vieux temps qu'ils vècurent ensemble quand les enfants étaient petits.

I'm not sure if quand is correct in this case. Can anyone explain to me the difference and which one is correct to use in this context.


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    où = the place where the action take place
    quand = when the action take place

    The meaning of your sentence is good, but it's better tu say "du bon vieux temps"


    "où" normally refer to a place, but it can be a time too, it's just less common (langage soutenu). In your sentence, "quand" fits better.

    But example of sentences where you can say "où" : "Au moment où tu liras cette phrase, je serai au bureau"."Il se souvient de l'époque où il était enfant".

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