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"Nominative Singular" for a blog name?

I am opening a language/culture study blog and want to use a Sanskrit word for its name.
The word I want to use is, कुतूहल kutuuhala.

Is it correct if I use Nominative Singular form "kutuuhalam" as a blog/website name?
If not, what is the proper form shown in the page below?;g=Neu

Do you think it's an appropriate name meaning "(intellectual) pleasure encountering fascinating cultures overseas"?

Also, I appreciate it if you could give a Devanagari spelling of "kutuuhalam" (Nominative Singular) as I could find only कुतूहल kutuuhala, which must be missing the last "m" sound. I can't type Devanagari on my PC.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!

For learning: Sanskrit
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    before reading your question i knew nothing about this language..But after reading some tutorials i figured out how to write kutuuhalam in devanagiri.It would be like this." कुटूहलम् " you just have to add the missing "m " sound "म्" to the end of the word "kutuuhala". you can type devanagiri here. . i can't verify i'm right. Better ask from somebody who knows the language. Thanks.

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