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Please help me dear Germans

I want to make a gift for that I need a quote in German. I found the English language and I need them translated. Since I do not know German well, I do not want to use a translator because I know there may be some mistakes.
Therefore, it is asking me to translate, then I will be sure that it is properly and correctly.
Here are the quotes:

"Nothing's as real as life. It's the only present we get for sure."

"A goodbye can be a good thing because it can be the start of something new."

"So many things come and go. Music remains, Art remains."

Thank you****

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    Nichts ist so wirklich wie das Leben. Es ist das einzige Geschenk, das wir auf jeden Fall bekommen.

    Jedes Ende ist auch ein Anfang.

    Dinge kommen und gehen. Musik bleibt, Kunst bleibt.

    Just my 2 cent. Maybe someone else has better ideas.

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